Monday, 2 March 2009

Sunny Delight

Ever wondered what was in Sunny Delight? I never really liked Sunny D but always pursuaded my Mum to buy it in giant bottle form because it said 'Florida Style' and I always thought it would be exactly like drinking proper freshly squeezed Florida orange juice and would really believe that one sip would remind me of sunshine, beaches and Disney world. It never did, although I would always fool myself into believing that it did hold a slight resemblence because I didnt want to be dissapointed and my brain really did want to be taken back to disneys splash mountain and mickey mouse parades. So I still kept on asking my Mum to keep on buying it, and I kept on drinking glass after glass full of illumionus gloop... gosh advertising really is a powerful tool. This continued for many years until eventually I asked my Mum to stop buying it when I noticed in tiny writing at the back of the bottle label the words 'Made in Ireland'.
If you are like me and ever wondered what you actually consumed vast quantitys of as a 90's 'Sunny D' child drinker... Well now you know.

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