Friday, 1 March 2013

Monday, 5 November 2012

New Shop, New Website

New online shop :) Also check out my new website!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Primark Man

WOW WEEEEEE! Boy is it hot hot hot. Here I am on a Sunday evening sketching my Grandad after having a conversation with a friend who said her dad of 80 brought his first pair of jeans which were ill fitting and hanging down his waist like a gangster. This reminded me of when my Grandad. My Grandad who is in his 80s is a very smart dresser. When he goes out he always wears a crisp white shirt and tie with cufflinks and a suit jacket. Then one afternoon he made a discovery in the local high street. A new shop had opened. It was called Primark. For a brief period after this discovery he started wearing bright colour t shirts with logos on the front and tracksuit bottoms. This phase didn't last long, but he does still visit primark to treat himself to the occasional tie.


Dear oh dear. How did two months fly past? I am very sorry I have neglected my blog. No excuse but I have been super busy. I managed to get myself on an MA course in Kingston, which means I will be doing lots and lots more drawing and creating things YIPPEEEE! To apologise for my neglect I have made and illustrated you all some Japanese onigiri (rice balls) with seaweed and Japanese seasoning. Enjoy...

LONG TIME ...........

Laid out some of my creations on my table to see what I have made collectively the other day. Am quite pleased with it. Gonna put the on my etsy shop this week. Will let you know when I have. Went to a wedding a couple of months ago. I had not been in church since the last wedding I went too which was probabley a couple of years ago. My mind drifted off into a daydream whilst I was there and my dream explored what the modern day church might look like. Technology has changed incredibly over the last 15 years but has the church changed with it? If it did maybe it would look like this... I could use this to start my own religon. It would be dedicated to all things conspiracy and cats. At the wedding I saw two UFOS...