Sunday, 26 August 2012

Primark Man

WOW WEEEEEE! Boy is it hot hot hot. Here I am on a Sunday evening sketching my Grandad after having a conversation with a friend who said her dad of 80 brought his first pair of jeans which were ill fitting and hanging down his waist like a gangster. This reminded me of when my Grandad. My Grandad who is in his 80s is a very smart dresser. When he goes out he always wears a crisp white shirt and tie with cufflinks and a suit jacket. Then one afternoon he made a discovery in the local high street. A new shop had opened. It was called Primark. For a brief period after this discovery he started wearing bright colour t shirts with logos on the front and tracksuit bottoms. This phase didn't last long, but he does still visit primark to treat himself to the occasional tie.

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